Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Break in Longhorn Country

The boys had a fast paced and busy trip to Texas for their spring break trip.  While the Vikings didn't get the results they wanted on the field, falling to Southwestern and Concordia, they certainly had their fun off the field.  The guys traveled to both Austin and Dallas and hit some good food in both cities.

One of the highlights was a trip to Saltlick BBQ.  This is one of the restaurants highlighted on Man vs Food.  While the wait for seating was long the food was well worth it, and the wait was helped by some live music in the patio/garden area.  While some guys went with the basic ribs and brisket, we had a hand full who wanted to test themselves with the endless meat bucket.  While we don't have anyone who can compete with the gentleman form Man vs Food, the vikings certainly did their own damage to the meat supply.  Below are some great pictures of the grill and the massive amount of meat being cooked.

We also had the opportunity of celebrating a birthday while in Teaxs.  Berry's Tommy Edgeworth celebrated his 19th birthday on the trip and lucky for everyone his mom sent a birthday cake to our hotel for all to enjoy.  Here is a picture of Tommy enjoying his cake.

It was a quick trip down to Texas but it was enjoyed by everyone and the guys made a lot of great memories and stories that will be shared for a long time.  We're looking forward to our spring break trip next year in Orlando, FL and hopefully a whole lot of Disney.

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